AZ Alma is a future-oriented hospital that since March 2017, is located in a brand new contemporary hospital building in Eeklo. The hospital has 451 approved beds and more than 50 beds in day hospitalization. In addition to “Care with a heart”, safety, quality, cost efficiency and patient experience and innovation are also of paramount importance.

EWS-dashboard M-ighty

One of the best ways to improve patient care is to proactively monitor them. The Early Warning Score (EWS) standard is a widely used protocol to monitor the general condition of the patient and to determine the risk of deterioration at an early stage. However, EWS scores are often lost in the patient’s medical record, leaving caregivers unable to monitor the current condition of all their patients. The measurements are automatically forwarded from the monitor to the EWS dashboard. As a result, M-ighty’s Eagle-View EWS dashboard displays the most recent EWS measurement for each patient in real-time. This makes the result of the many measurements that are performed visible so that they can be used for better care.